Who needs a pot of gold when you have a briefcase full of money

Hello poor blogger-sphere blog readers looking to learn about fast cash and making money!!!! I have decided to create a new blog about business today to add to the content network that a buddy of mine Christopher Franko and I have been working on. Ill tell you one thing. Original Content is a lucrative fast cash type of money making business. So with this  blog about making money we will share some business info to help you along your money making journeys! Our goal for this year is to have one of these by the end of it..

my future briefcase full of money
You with me?! 
 oh btw 
you will need one of these briefcases to continue the journey.
Just sayin.

RoadPro SEB-001BK 17" x 12" Black Leather-Like Soft-Sided Briefcase
SOLO Classic Collection Expandable Attache, Hard-Sided with Combination Locks, Black, K85-4
Italian MosaicTM Design Genuine Leather Briefcase
Samsonite Leather Portfolio,Brown,One Size

or even this really sexy briefcase

Samsonite Traditional Attach├ęs Expandable Leather Attache Black

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