The life of a project - business management continued

Unit 1: The of a Project
Shannon Scott Williams

            In the situation related to higher education, most college facilities offer organizations for the students to work with each other to raise funds, govern school to community relations, and even improve the matters of the educational programs.  In a similar scenario, I applied myself to the Student Government Association (S.G.A) after discovering my school has been put on probation for violations of SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and School) regulations.  Because of this, SGA was determined to resolve the situation to the best their ability.
Tuskegee University SGA

            During our first initial meeting, we discussed what we thoroughly thought was wrong with the school.  In short, we concluded that the schools education wasn’t challenging enough, the advertising strategies were too strong, and the school’s equipment was becoming outdated.  Once we gathered our ideas, we came up with one objective, to correct what was wrong in the system.
outdated equipment

            Before we began our project, we assumed that there was something wrong in the higher divisions of the corporate system.  Our thoughts were that the executive management wasn’t focused on our facility being that there are several campuses around the world.  One perspective was that another campus, approximately 10 miles away, was presumed to be more effective than ours.  This facility was newer, had better equipment, and also had many transfer deans.  By comparison, our campus is presented to be the main campus.  Now we questioned, what is the school board doing to improve the school to prepare for and resolve the probation?

            Once we had our ideas put together on paper, we gather the officers of the organizations to go fourth and present their proposal to the President, Vice President of Admissions, Academic Affairs, Finance, and Student Affairs.  When we had all top management of the school together, the President of S.G.A. proposed to them that the students were highly concerned in regard to the SACS violations.  In response, the executive team was convinced that their students are in desire to get they are paying for.

            We began our project knowing that this was going to take a lot of hard work and responsibility.  Our risk of not taking action could result in the failure of an entire college and the loss of many students in higher education.  Other risks also include employment to staff and faculty.

            In the end, we established a project which had an objective, independent tasks, precise resources, deadlines, and most importantly a customer.

            Below is a similar proposal given to the executive team of the school:

            Students of the school are concerned about the SACS probation in regard to violations through admissions, financial aid, and the educational curriculum.  In addition, we are willing to aid the school to improve and resolve the probation matters in any way possible.  Our comfort ability with the school has provided us with many opportunities and a failure to the SACS evaluation is not acceptable.

            To begin our assistance, our team will need permission to hold seminars for question and comments from current/former students in regard to what they would correct if possible.  These statements will be presented to the executive team in a SGA meeting, once a month, to answer questions and concerns from the students and their plans to prepare for the coming evaluation.  On a side note, we will be investigating the top ten schools in the nation in ways that would improve the school.


            As the coming evaluation is scheduled 7 months from now, our project will begin the following day and will end 4 months from now so that our reports, questions, and idea proposals can be readily given to the executive team in a final SGA meeting.  This meeting will be completely public to all faculty, staff, and students.


            Other clubs of the school will be assisting with SGA on this project.  The Student Business Association will be working with the investigations on the top schools.  The Fashion Association will be handling the meeting promotions.  The Media Society will interview and document current/former students about their thoughts to the school.


            SGA will handle all costs for catering in student meetings by encouraging students to join SGA and pay a quarterly fee of $5.  The SGA’s budget will be used to pay for catering to student meetings.  An estimated catering cost for each meeting will be approximately $30.  There will be 3 student meetings throughout the life of this project.

Final Note:

            With the action of this project, we are confident that this coming SACS evaluation will end with positive results.

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The life of a project - business management

The life of a Project

            In this discussion, I chose the 2nd of the two in the assignment list.  By doing so, I am to locate a website that provides suggestions for developing effective proposals and to describe/comment on the information presented on the site.
            My selective site is from the company of Primavera.  Primavera is project and portfolio management software company.  Their corporation has estimated to nearly $5 trillion in value to over 75,000 customers around the world.  Accepting Primavera as a management project system, one can expect results with mix of strategies, assuring IT and corporate governance, and measure the progress of the objectives, plus many more.

beautiful place right here, i wish i could experience this one day.

            During my research, I discovered how and why Primavera has become so successful using some of the following strategies: stating the challenge, the solution, and the benefits.  By doing so, employees become more interactive within a company such as using a suggestion box.  Another beneficial program Primavera enforces is the online surveys used for testing, scoring, and placing action towards a trial and error stage of a proposal.
            In conclusion, I believe that if one is serious enough to a project management proposal, and then this person should imply this company to aid them into bringing their proposal the best of success.


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