The life of a project - business management

The life of a Project

            In this discussion, I chose the 2nd of the two in the assignment list.  By doing so, I am to locate a website that provides suggestions for developing effective proposals and to describe/comment on the information presented on the site.
            My selective site is from the company of Primavera.  Primavera is project and portfolio management software company.  Their corporation has estimated to nearly $5 trillion in value to over 75,000 customers around the world.  Accepting Primavera as a management project system, one can expect results with mix of strategies, assuring IT and corporate governance, and measure the progress of the objectives, plus many more.

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            During my research, I discovered how and why Primavera has become so successful using some of the following strategies: stating the challenge, the solution, and the benefits.  By doing so, employees become more interactive within a company such as using a suggestion box.  Another beneficial program Primavera enforces is the online surveys used for testing, scoring, and placing action towards a trial and error stage of a proposal.
            In conclusion, I believe that if one is serious enough to a project management proposal, and then this person should imply this company to aid them into bringing their proposal the best of success.


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